Dedicated to enhancing the skills and careers of black filmmakers

Reggie Williams (Co-Founder) 

Reggie is a screenwriterand director based out of Brooklyn. After graduating from Emerson College,Reggie wrote for Comedy Central and more recently finished a feature lengthdocumentary about his own black identity which features writer Micheal DenzelSmith, filmmaker Joshua Bee Alafia, amongst others.

Lande Yoosuf (Co-Founder) 

Lande is a filmmaker with a short film entitled "Privilege Unhinged" hasscreened at festivals such as the Martha's Vineyard African American FilmFestival, DC Black Film Festival and the Big Apple Film Festival. It is nowairing on the television channel Shorts TV.

She iscurrently awaiting festival responses for her second film "SecondGenerational Wedding" and developing the feature version script.

Lande'sprojects cover themes of media influence, sociology, gender and race relations,pop culture, women’s empowerment and self image. In addition to her work withOne Scribe, Lande has a strong commitment to giving back.

She isthe co-founder of the grassroots organization Black Film Space--an organizationfocused on providing skill enhancement, networking opportunities and resourcesfor black filmmakers.

Previously,Lande was professional with over 10 years of experience casting at networkssuch as MTV, NBC, WEtv, truTV and Bravo to name a few. Lande oversees allaspects of directing, casting and production at One Scribe Media with a strongemphasis on story composition.

Lande is fully committed to ensuring thather client’s creative goals, vision and needs are aligned with One ScribeMedia’s expressed brand.Ultimately, Lande hopes to contribute to increasedcontrol, ownership, and management of media for content creators of Africandescent and women across all available content platforms.Lande graduated fromBrooklyn College with a B.A. in Television and a minor in marketing. Sheresides in the Bronx, New York.

Latia "Lovely" Jones (Admin/Social Media)

Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale Fl aka "South Florida" Writer, Director and co-owner of 2REELKWEENZ Media.

Who is she you ask? She's a black woman filmmaker, director ,content creator and producer just looking to tell the stories of our reality as people of color inI marginalized communities.

Through visibility and confrontation of the issues we face in society I want to help change the narrative and promote the positive impact needed in the very communities we live in.

With her passion for creating various  projects for others she launched her company 2ReelKweenz Media in 2019. Currently in post production through of her film project under 2reelkweenz media called "Through the Eyes of a Child". That will hopefully set to premiere later this year.She holds an AA in criminal justice  From Keiser University.Resides in South Florida with her  teenage daughter.

When she not creating she loves bowling, vibing to Jill Scott while cooking and going to old school car shows.

Follow her on 2ReelKweenz

ZaindriaYarborough (Partnership Outreach) 

Zaindrian attended the University at Buffalo and graduated with aBachelor’s degree in Media Studies.

She hasa diverse background in film, finance and media with aspirations to become aLine Producer. Some of the productions she has worked on include: “Wilhemina’sWar”, Through the Fire: The Legacy of Barack Obama” and ”Tell Them We AreRising: The Story of Black Colleges and Universities”.

She is currently in Production Managementfor film and television and a Freelance Researcher for nonprofit organizations.In addition, she also volunteers her time with community based organizationsfor various events.

Rorie Still (Research)

Rorie was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Having found a passion for writing since she was in the second grade, Rorie has been word weaving from her story trunk ever since.In April 2013, Taking Wing, the story that seeded the first book that she published in the same year,Flashbang, was first introduced to the public as a winner of the science and speculative fiction writing contest, Octavia City, organized by The Black Tribbles, then a G-Town Radio podcast. Rorie read the story live on the air for the program. 

Afterward, the Art Sanctuary selected Rorie to be one of the featured artists in their 2015 Celebration of Black Literature. Rorie also published her second book, Hidden Melody, this same year (a co-authorship with Naila Mattison), which also debuted at the 2015 Celebration of Black Literature. Also, from 2015 to 2016, Rorie presented writing and personal development media workshops with various associations. Some of these associations were Arts Holding Hands and Hearts Inc, the Philadelphia Free Library, and The Advocate Center for Culture and Education.In June of 2016, Rorie presented the poem "Star Children" for the Shaping Change: Octavia E. Butler Conference in La Jolla, CA. Then in November of 2016, Rorie released a soundtrack EP for her first book, Flashbang, titled The Flashbang EP 1.In September of 2018, Rorie published the second edition of Flashbang, and in the early part of 2019, Rorie produced the Flashbang short with her production team, The Flashbang Collective. 

Throughout 2019, Rorie screened the film at conventions where the collective put on panels and shows. Then, in June of 2019, Rorie Still published her first graphic novel, Flashbang, based on the short-story anthology. She also, in conjunction with her Leeway proposal and prize, taught a workshop series on how to construct a graphic novel. 

Rorie later facilitated the class members in forming a writing/creation group. In July of 2019, Rorie moved to Los Angeles, California, in pursuit of a writing internship. Currently, Rorie is developing one of her short stories, from the Flashbang anthology, into an animated series, and her Dracula-based property into a photo series and live-action television show. Rorie holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from North Carolina A&T State University(Greensboro, North Carolina) and a Master's Degree in Elementary Education from Lincoln University (Lincoln University, PA). 

You can connect with her on Twitter @rorstill or Instagram @rorstll.

Latrisha Talley (Event Organizer) 

Latrisha is anactress and writer from Nashville, TN. Her notable performancesinclude co-starring alongside Billy Ray Cyrus in CMT's "Still theKing", traveling across the country with her one-woman show,"ROSA" (presented by The American Negro Playwright Theatre),appearing in over 80 interactive dinner theater shows with The Murder MysteryCompany/American Immersion Theater and hosting a weekly web series called"Monologue Monday". 

Latrisha studied Journalism in college, and she has penned 10 short films, oneof which (entitled Dave and Pearl) won 7 awards (including Best Screenplay) ata local 48 Hour Film Competition. Latrisha has since expanded Dave and Pearlinto a feature-length screenplay. When she's not performing or writing, sheenjoys staying immersed in the arts by supporting her fellow artists. 

Additionally, as a food lover, she can befound exploring the city's best (and worst) eats, especially pizza.

Nina Simone Moore (Event Organizer) 

Nina is a Writer, Producer,Performer based in Brooklyn. Using various mediums to create and relaynarratives, she identifies as a storyteller. Simone hails from Atlanta, GA where she began working withinthe creative production world in the early 2000s. 

She graduated from WesleyanUniversity with a double major in Dance and English - Creative Writingconcentration, and then spent time in LA producing her own shorts and plays.

Amassing experienceon both coasts in features, shorts, commercials and web content alike, Simonehas been a Production Coordinator and Producer in New York since 2016. Sheremains enamored with the script to screen process, and looks forward tobringing more stories to life.

Kevito Clark (Event Organizer) 

or Kevin L.Clark, your preference is a music journalist and aspiring screenwriter workingat the intersection of health and culture. 

Inspiredby his journey as a dialysis patient and kidney transplant recipient, Kevito isfocused on using creativity to explore and create solutions to healthcareissues that affect the Black and Brown community. 

Heoperates a portfolio of different outlets to share and inform people on thetopic through his weekly newsletter called #KevitoSays, amonthly podcast called Mighty Healthy: The Podcast,and his freelancing work withEssence, Complex, and VIBE magazine. 

He'sdeeply passionate about empowering the Black and Brown community, patients andpractitioners of color through these means and hopes to develop a late nightcomedy TV talk show about the subject through his Seed & Spark crowdfundingcampaign.

Follow him on IG and Twitter.

Stefanie Philpott (Social Media Outreach)

Stefanie is a filmmakerfrom Cleveland, but currently living in Brooklyn, NY.

Sheholds a degree in Communications from Central State University (HBCU love!) anda Marketing (Master’s) degree from Roosevelt University. Her debut (short)film, Sweet Nothings, is currently in Post Production and she’s also writingher second short film.

Although she wants to write on manysubjects, she’s specifically focused on normalizing Black Romance on screen.You can catch up with her at @visionboardliving.

YaphetJackman (Marketing) 

Yaphet is a Brooklyn born, Guyanese bred filmmaker with apassion to live, learn & laugh. He holds a B.Sc in Communication Studiesfrom the University of Guyana and an M.F.A in film from Ohio University.

Coupledwith 20 years of experience in the media and television industry across theCaribbean and the US, Yaphet worked his way up from a part time camera operatorto a budding Cinematographer/Director.

As anindependent filmmaker, he's on a journey to preserve and develop culture andthe visual arts in Guyana and the Caribbean. He's committed to use film and newmedia as a means to bring Caribbean stories to main stream distribution.

Follow his work @yaphetjackman

Michael Wells (Podcast Producer)

South Bronx basedwriter, Michael Wells, has been honing hisscreenwriting skills for the past several years. Originally a Cinematographerand Video Editor, Michael has spent years training himself to tellcaptivating stories within the visual medium.

Michael'sevolution into screenwriting allows him to continue to tell captivating storiesthat pull from his own lived experiences and break ground in entertaininglydiscussing more significant social issues. 

With hopes of a more equitable future,Michael writes speculative fiction with Black narratives that exist outside ofthe societal traumas forced upon Black people.

Miranda Bowden (LA Screenwriting Host) 

Miranda wrote her first story, about a mushroom invasion of earth, at age eight. Born second to the last of six girls and one boy, writing became an outlet for Bowden, defining her creative spirit amongst her equally talented siblings. These days, the native Angeleno’s stories have grown to include her debut novel, Caitlin, a thrilling story of family secrets, nightmares, and secret societies.

An adventurous thrill-seeker, Miranda embraces the opportunity to live a life with no regrets daily. She has already been skydiving and plans to one day bungee jump from the tallest point she can find. Known for bringing people together in extraordinary ways, the social butterfly and event curator can often be found in the middle of a writing circle pushing her fellow artists, producing events, or “getting dirty” camping, fishing, and hiking with friends and family.

Bowden studied engineering at California State University, Northridge, and later began a career in human resources and finance supporting the heads of several Fortune 500 companies. No matter her day job, Bowden has always remained a committed writer, developing stories that speak to unique human experiences. When she’s not writing, she can be found searching for inspiration at live jazz concerts, traveling, in the kitchen cooking for family and friends, or out and about living life and stimulating all who cross her path. 

Miranda resides in Inglewood, California with her husband and daughter.

Kira Talise (LA Screenwriting Host)

Kira is a writer/creator from South Los Angeles who spent her formative years under the influence of 90s hip-hop and R&B. 

A serial realist, habitual line-stepper, and chronic people-watcher, she recently parlayed her talent for story-telling into a career in television after spending more than a decade in marketing and communications. 

After serving as a Writer & Co-Producer of Black&Sexy TV’s 2019 web series, Hello Cupid 3.0., Kira has gone on to earn credits on Bounce TV’s series, “In The Cut” and “Family Time,” and HBO’s “A Black Lady Sketch Show” and “Insecure.”

Danaé Latrice (Podcast Producer)

Danaé is screenwriter and a producer based in Los Angeles, California. She is a Philadelphia native in which she attended Temple University and obtained her degree in Film & Media with a business minor. Throughout her journey with Temple, she was blessed to work with many creatives which influenced collaborative ideas.

As passionate as she is with her art, she is equally as passionate about the business side of film. That being said, she started her own Production company called Eleven Nineteen Productions as a way to express her passions for both film and business. As for now, she is working on producing her shorts under her production company Elven Nineteen Productions in order to get it off the ground. She also started working on creating her own entertaining film podcast called ‘Hated it! Podcast’.

Kay Greene (Graphic Design)

South Florida filmmaker, Kay Greene is an award-winning visual artist. Her multimedia talents range from directing, writing, visual effects, and scoring film projects. She holds a fine arts degree in Visual Communications from AIU. 

Kay has created and directed multiple webseries as such Lovers & Friends Show, iBelieve, and Catching up with Gigi. Kay is a professional working of companies such as MBC Studios, Between Render Films, and Seed News producing films. She is also one of the organizers for Broward Movie Makers a networking group creating resources for South Florida filmmakers. 

Kay's inspired to create science fiction and horror films featuring stories from people of the African Diaspora. Currently, She creating short films, visual artwork, and working as a freelance multimedia artist for various companies. 

Follow her work @kaygreene

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