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Simulated Writers Room W/ Upside Film Festival

Join Black Film Space and Upside Film Festival for a five session Simulated Writers Room Webinar every Sunday from 3 to 6pm Eastern Time in July. 

How it works: Up to 25 participants will gather on Zoom to write a short mystery screenplay via the log line below:

A child has gone missing in a small town, only to reappear (seemingly unharmed) miles from their home, with amnesia. 

This webinar series is being broken down into five sessions:

Session 1 - July 5th - Outline

Session 2 - July 12th - Scene writing broken down into smaller groups via the Breakout Room feature. 

Session 3 - July 19th - Bring scenes together to revise

Session 4 - July 26th - Polish entire script

Session 5 - Wednesday, August 5th - 1 hour reading/discussion of polished script.

Each session will have a different showrunner from the Black Film Space and Upside Film Festival teams, who will facilitate the conversation and ideas. 

We will prepare and e-mail an outline that will detail our objectives prior to each session. 

In order to participate on Zoom, you need to have your video on for the entire duration of the event. 

We are requesting full engagement-- if your video is not on or if you are distracted with other activities for a long period of time, we will request your participation and if that request is not met, we reserve the right to remove you from the event. 

We will be using Celtx screenwriting software to write this screenplay. It is strongly recommended that you download it. In order to participate you must be among the first 25 people that pay the $5 admission fee. 

Tickets will be sold on a weekly basis. 

We will also be streaming this event live for free on Youtube for anyone that’s not among the first 25 RSVP’s. 

Donations are appreciated.

The link to the Zoom call and Youtube Live Stream will be emailed out 1 hour as well as 25 minutes before the webinar begins.

RSVPs will be capped 30 minutes before the webinar.

***If you do not see our e-mails, please check your spam***

***This event is primarily an exercise in collaboration and skill development . Please know that the script generated from this event is not intended to be used for professional purposes.***

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at or


Join Black Film Space for an exclusive 4 part lecture series from television writer and producer, Rochée Jeffrey.

The next and last date is July 11th, 3 to 5PM Eastern Time (NYC TIME).Please read the following carefully as we are making several adjustments for this webinar series. Our objective is to maintain security and to host an event that resembles our prior Zoom webinars.There are two ways to stream this event. Zoom & Youtube.

- The first 30 people who donated at least $10 will be allowed into the Zoom meeting.

- In order to participate on Zoom, you need to have your video on and the host will control all the mute settings. 

- Only the host will be allowed to share their screen.

-  You will need to manually type in the password to enter the Zoom meeting.

- If you are in the Zoom meeting, you will be able to participate in the lecture (Rochée may call on you to answer a question) and the Q & A.

- We will e-mail you an hour before the event begins with the password to enter the Zoom meeting.

- We will be streaming this event via Youtube Live for those who are not able to enter the Zoom meeting.

- The Youtube Live event will be unlisted, so in order to watch you will have to receive a link. It will be e-mailed an hour before the event begins.

- We will take a few questions during the Q & A from Youtube Live, but most of them will come from Zoom. 

Please keep in mind that with regards to security our webinars are a work in progress, so anything is subject to change. We are considering moving away from Zoom after this series indefinitely.Thank you for your patience and support as we work through these security challenges.



This event is free, suggested donation is $10.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Questions? E-mail us

Follow Rocheé on Instagram or visit her website at


Join us every Thursday from 7 to 8:30pm and Sunday 3 to 4:30pm EASTERN TIME for our Virtual Screenwriting Workshops. We workshop one script, 15 pages or less and offer constructive feedback in an open forum setting.  In order to have your script read, please RSVP first before submitting your script.  Scripts are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. If you do decide to attend, we request that join via video.

You will receive the Zoom link via e-mail within a day of RSVPing as well as 35 minutes before the workshop.

E-mail to have your script read.

This event is free, suggested donation is $5.


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